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Sindh HR Commission, FES Pakistan, and Labour Dept. Inaugurate PLA!

Sindh HR Commission, FES Pakistan, and Labour Dept. Inaugurate PLA!


Today marks a significant milestone as the Sindh Human Rights Commission, in collaboration with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Pakistan, and the Labour & Human Resource Department, inaugurates the PAKISTAN LABOUR ACADEMY (PLA)!

About PLA: This flagship project aims to enhance the capacities of trade unions and workers’ organizations throughout Pakistan through a comprehensive one-week program at the National Institute of Labour Administration Training (NILAT), Karachi.

Introducing the Pakistan Labour Academy, Mr. Abdullah Dayo, Program Advisor at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Pakistan, provided a glimpse into the foundation of FES and the inception of the PLA. With the second edition underway, Abdullah enlightened the audience about the comprehensive syllabus, modules, and esteemed faculty of the PLA.

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Detho, Chairperson of the Sindh Human Rights Commission, highlighted the PLA’s significance in Sindh, where 17% of the labor force resides. He noted, “The amended Human Rights law now covers business practices, allowing us to address violations in the private sector.” Mr. Iqbal emphasized the commission’s role in ensuring labor law compliance, redressing grievances, and bridging gaps in policies. Let’s uplift Sindh’s labor sector together!

Dr. Niels Hegewisch, Country Director of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Pakistan, expressed profound gratitude to all supporters of the PLA. With a legacy spanning back to the 1980s, FES has tirelessly collaborated with laborers in Pakistan. He said, “This project is a testament to our commitment to future generations of laborers.” Our goal: empowering youth, integrating them into a global workforce, and offering abundant opportunities for all joining us.

Mr. Shariq Ahmed, Secretary of Labour, Human Resource, and Labour Department, Government of Sindh, emphasized the complexity of the labor sector, governed by 27 laws. He commended the PLA as a significant initiative for the betterment of our labor force. Let’s work together to navigate and improve the landscape of labor rights!

Barrister Muhammad Omer Soomro, Caretaker Minister of Human Rights, Sindh, expressed his honor in being part of this transformative project. He highlighted it as a beacon of hope for the labor community, emphasizing their borderless unity and historic role in revolutions. While proud of Sindh’s progressive laws, Mr. Soomro acknowledged the challenge of implementation, underscoring the shared responsibility to ensure effective enforcement.

Empowering through Education: Introductory Session Highlights! Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Detho, Chairperson Sindh Human Rights Commission, provided a comprehensive introduction to the Pakistan Labour Academy, shedding light on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and basic human rights. He delved into the historic origins and sources of human rights, emphasizing the significance of social and political rights for laborers. Mr. Detho also outlined the UN Human Rights system, highlighting rights and obligations as established in international standards.