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Chairperson (SHRC) had a meeting with Founder Roshni Helpline - 1138.

Chairperson (SHRC) had a meeting with Founder Roshni Helpline - 1138.

The Chairperson of the Sindh Human Rights Commission, Iqbal Ahmed Detho had a briefing from Mr. Mohammad Ali, President of Roshni Helpline - 1138, and his dedicated team. The meeting aimed to foster future collaboration between the SHRC, Roshni Helpline, and SCPA.

During the meeting, Mr. Detho presented an overview of the SHRC's mandate, shedding light on the vital components of their work related to missing children. SHRC emphasized the prospect of cooperation in addressing concerns related to missing children with the Roshni helpline, the Sindh Child Protection Authority (SCPA), and the ZARRA Authority.

Moreover, discussions revolved around addressing the complaints of missing children, reviewing the legislative aspects of the ZARRA Act 2020 and SCPA Act 2011, and paving the way for a stronger alliance between SHRC and Roshni Helpline. The commitment was made to have a positive impact on the lives of the community.

Mr. Mohammad Ali shared the detailed history of Roshni Helpline's work and delved into the process of enacting the ZARRA Act 2020. These narratives paint a picture of dedication and resilience in the pursuit of a safer and brighter future for our communities.

At the meeting's conclusion, tokens of appreciation were presented by SHRC, accompanied by the distribution of SHRC reports among the guests.