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Provincial Conference on Minority Rights

Provincial Conference on Minority Rights


In collaboration with the Ministry of Minorities Affairs Sindh and the Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi, a significant Provincial Conference on Minority Rights was recently convened. The event was honored by the presence of Chief Guest Justice (R) Maqbool Baqar, the Chief Minister of Sindh. Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Detho, Chairperson of the Sindh Human Rights Commission (SHRC), commended the Ministry for organizing the event and highlighted the progress in registering Pandits and Mahrajs, as well as the crucial mainstreaming of laws for minorities. He emphasized the strategic implementation of constitutional and legal frameworks.


At SHRC, a commitment to international obligations ensures the establishment of robust human rights frameworks in Sindh. Mr. Detho specifically mentioned SHRC's active efforts in addressing forced conversions and their involvement in crafting essential bills for a lasting impact. The audience was encouraged to join the journey toward a more just and inclusive society.

Ahmed Shah, addressing the event, expressed his aversion to the term 'Minority' and stressed the importance of equality for all Pakistanis. He called for a mindset change, advocating that people from all religions should be seen as equals beyond just legislative measures. Ahmed Shah commended Sindh's leading role in legislation for minorities, citing it as a profound example that surpasses other provinces.

He emphasized that it's not just about policies but about transforming hearts and minds. The audience was urged to join in embracing Ahmed Shah's call for equality and to work together in fostering understanding and unity.

Chief Minister Sindh, Justice Maqbool Baqar, shared profound insights during the gathering on the Provincial Conference for Minority Rights. He emphasized the strength of unity and viewing every Pakistani as equal, considering it the cornerstone of progress. The Chief Minister expressed admiration for the supreme judgment by Justice Tassadduq Jillani, recognizing its empowering impact on people from religions other than Islam. Acknowledging the importance of inclusivity, he stressed the need to work on implementing the 5% employment quota for minorities, ensuring equal opportunities for all.