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Coordination Meeting on Ensuring Democratic Integrity and Human Rights in Elections 2023

Coordination Meeting on Ensuring Democratic Integrity and Human Rights in Elections 2023

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Detho, the Chairperson of the Sindh Human Rights Commission, chaired a coordination interactive session with Human rights organizations. The meeting was organized by the Sindh Human Rights Commission in collaboration with Pahel Pakistan. The focus of the meeting was "Ensuring Democratic Integrity and Human Rights in Elections 2023," and it took place on 14th November 2023 at the SHRC Regional office in Sukkur.

Mr. Deedar Ahmed Mirani, CEO Pahel Pakistan express his views the collaboration between Pahel Pakistan and SHRC underscores the importance of civil society's role in strengthening democratic institutions and upholding human rights. By working together, these organizations can effectively advocate for a free, fair, and transparent electoral process, ultimately contributing to the stability and prosperity of Pakistan's democracy.

The overarching objective of this meeting was to proactively advocate for and advance democratic values, human rights, and the unassailable integrity of the electoral process. These elements constitute the bedrock of a just and transparent democratic system. This joint initiative reflects a concerted endeavor to fortify democratic mechanisms and uphold human rights as the nation approaches the impending elections.

Participants actively engaged in discussions on key issues such as safeguarding the freedom of expression and assembly, preventing voter intimidation and violence, and promoting inclusive and accessible elections.

Mr. Zubair Hussain, the erudite Program Manager of Goth Seengar Foundation, astutely recommended that efforts be directed towards ensuring assistive technologies. Such measures would facilitate persons with disabilities (PWD), affording them the equal right to cast their votes, a right inherent to every citizen.

Advocate Ghazala Kashif, a legal aid officer from Aurat Foundation, brought to light the pressing issue faced by women during elections. She underscored the necessity to dismantle barriers by providing essential amenities at polling stations, such as toilets, drinking water, and robust security arrangements.

this collaborative effort seeks to strengthen democratic processes and safeguard human rights during the upcoming election.